Podcast #1: Decoding the Digital Services Act

The norbloc podcast
#1 Penny Spyropoulolu: Decoding the Digital Services Act

At norbloc, this year we chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day by releasing the first episode of the norbloc podcast, hosted by our very own Alkisti Rocanas, Business Development Manager at norbloc.

In this episode we are joined by Penny Spyropoulou, Legal Advisor at norbloc, to decipher the EU’s latest legislation, The Digital Services Act (DSA), aimed at preventing illegal activities and safeguarding fundamental rights online. Penny is a Lawyer specialized in Information and New Technologies Law. She highlights the incoming rules and responsibilities falling upon online platforms and marketplaces coming February 17th, and what processes will need to be implemented to abide by the DSA or risk mind-blowing fines for non-compliance.

Are you interested in learning how norbloc can help online platforms and marketplaces prepare for DSA compliance? Discover the Sancus solution today.

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