An onboarding platform that’s compliant, flexible and puts the customer’s experience at the center

Sancus is the digital platform redefining customer onboarding. With maximum flexibility to quickly develop customer and KYC officer workflows without the need for code and offering multiple integration options, SANCUS will revolutionize your onboarding in no time.


The Platform to Step Up Your Experience

Easy to Configure Workflow Engine

We know every customer journey is different so we’ve built Sancus to maximize flexibility with best in class integrations and easy workflow editing.

Fast and Simple Integration

Sancus is easy to integrate with existing CRM systems via our suite of APIs, because the easier it is for you, the easier it will be for your customers.

Sancus stands for Security

Security is at the heart of Sancus because we know there’s nothing harder to earn than the trust of your customers — and we’re here to help you do just that.


How Sancus Works

01Easily customizable

Sancus can integrate into both existing user interfaces and tools via secure APIs, while providing a fully white-labeled and customizable onboarding user interface. The rule-based workflow engine can be configured for both the customer’s and internal teams’ needs and rolled out with little to no coding required, effectively allowing you to provide the optimal and most efficient journey for each customer type.

02Directly integratable

Sancus can be directly integrated with best in class service providers such as PEP and sanctions screenings, electronic identity verification, e-signature providers, data aggregators or external publicly available data sources, such as corporate registries. We partner with some of the leading providers for these services globally; check them out on our ecosystems page.


The Sancus Platform


Integrates with existing infrastructures and CRM systems, decreasing implementation complexity, time and cost


Offers configurable customer flows and integrations with best in class services providers to allow maximum flexibility and use case coverage


Can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with Atlas and Fides offerings

Use cases

What Can Sancus Do?

Frictionless Onboarding for Individuals
and Corporates

With the Sancus onboarding platform, the KYC data entry and validation processes are easy to manage for both customers and onboarding officers.

The platform allows corporates to fully complete the required forms, provide identification and upload any required documents, all from one integrated, end-to-end workflow. In case of corporate onboarding, multiple parties can collaborate to fill out the application ensuring the right people provide the right information via a delegate function.

During the application process, PEP scanning and document verification take place in the background via our range of integrations. Through the Sancus portal, the onboarding officers have access to all of the application details and verification outcomes, allowing them to quickly and easily review the information and process the application. As Sancus is easy to customize, automation and rule-based workflows can easily be adapted to suit the needs of your business.