Shipping & Maritime

Robust compliance with one platform

Achieve robust compliance and digital transformation with norbloc’s tailored KYC & AML orchestrator platform, Sancus. 

Meet maritime regulatory requirements with tailored workflows for different client segments, risk ratings and use cases across the globe.  

Try Sancus to revolutionize your onboarding in no time.


The Platform for Complete Compliance

Holistic identity verification

Whether this is for cabin crew members, vessel operators, business partners or clients, verify their identity and ID documents to ensure smooth sailing. 

Ensure global verification using holistic identity verification solutions equipped with document verification and matching, liveness and biometric checks for individuals and corporate customers.

Know your corporates

Leverage norbloc’s public and private data sources to make corporate onboarding easy with prepopulated information and  automated steps based on custom risk scoring.

Additionally, shed light on ownership structures of vessels and gather all necessary vessel documents to facilitate trust.


Avoid illicit activities and risk

Ensure you’re never involved in illicit activities by fortifying your Anti-money laundering (AML) processes, enforcing automatic Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) checks and screening against international watchlists. 

With automated checks that occur in the background, remain secure from unwanted risks and save time.

Secure case management 

Take advantage of norbloc’s case management features that respect access rights and confidentiality. Customer applications are dynamically routed to ensure smooth sailing.


The Sancus Orchestrator Platform

Quicker onboarding

Leverage dynamic journeys and tailored risk rules to reduce drop-off rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Maintain up to date data

Allow customers and partners to update their information seamlessly via the Customer Portal for accurate and reliable data always.

Ensure global compliance

Wherever you are, tailor KYC and AML processes to ensure compliance globally and allow for business to flow.

Fortify your reputation

Implement automated AML checks to protect your business and partners, inspiring trust and loyalty.


The impact of Sancus

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Quicker onboarding
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