Tailored Digital Onboarding & KYC

Sancus is a secure, GDPR-compliant and flexible digital onboarding platform that puts customer experience first.

The digital onboarding platform for optimization

Compliant and efficient onboarding is vital for banks and financial institutions to ensure that they are meeting regulatory KYC and AML requirements. Sancus is redefining customer onboarding, starting from data collection and verification, to management and review. The platform offers ease-of-use to tailor customer onboarding workflows using multiple integrations without the need to write code. Sancus will optimize how you onboard customers, both individuals and corporates, and will revolutionize remediation.

Today’s onboarding challenges

Onboarding nowadays is becoming more and more complex, time consuming and costly. Increased regulation of KYC has made it harder for banks to balance due diligence with a good customer experience. The go-to for traditional banks has been to invest more into more personnel to handle KYC & compliance.

Traditionally, onboarding often leads to a duplication of efforts, inconsistencies and inaccuracies due to data silos and fragmented processes. From initiation until completion, data entry and validation, especially for corporates, can take months due to inefficient processes. For corporations, time is money, and lagging behind leads to dissatisfaction and clients lost. 

In the age of digitization, with challenger banks disrupting traditional finance, it is on banks to do more; to leverage and innovate their trust-based services.  

Improve customer experience, reduce KYC costs and save time

The Sancus platform allows for document verification and AML/PEP checks to occur in the background via norbloc’s range of integrations, giving access to onboarding officers through the Sancus Portal to all of the application details and verification outcomes. The customizable risk engine facilitates automation and saves time for all. As a result, life is made easier with the Officer Portal that allows them to quickly and easily review the KYC file and process the application.

To “Know-Your-Customer”, Sancus…

  1. offers customers the ability to onboard from anywhere at any time, digitally and remotely
  2. facilitates collaboration for corporate onboarding, ensuring through delegation that the appropriate person fills in the relevant data field
  3. leverages data sources, such as company registries, to prepopulate data fields and save time for all
  4. includes a risk engine for automation and efficiency
  5. provides insight to bank officers via the Officer Portal dashboard to identify bottlenecks in the procedure, delegate tasks and easily process applications
  6. helps banks streamline operational costs by aggregating currently disparate data sources and significantly reducing processing time

Sancus is an orchestrator perfectly tailored to the needs of regulated entities — even when these change.

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